Humble Bundle

My husband sent me a link to Humble Bundle, and then I got a TOR newsletter that talked about it, too.  At long last I decided to really check it out.  And it was pretty cool.

Like Story Bundle, Humble Bundle is  a  way to buy ebooks, paying whatever you want to pay.  The website is fun, offering a real-time view of how many people are viewing the site, how much money has been paid total, what the average price is and such.

As of now, 43,701 bundles have been sold  at an average price of $12.55.  That adds up to $548,325.74 in total sales.  Not bad!

I bought the books, Haven´t read them yet, but I got them downloaded. I hope there aren´t too many more of these outfits selling books like this; I´ll go broke!

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