Lost in Austen

I just discovered a Hulu exclusive series Lost in Austen. Austen — as in Jane Austen.  It is about a woman who loves Pride and Prejudice and actually gets trapped in the story.   She interacts with and influences the lives of the characters.  It is obviously not the show for everyone, but I am enjoying it.  Probably because I have read so much Austen this year as a result of watching The Jane Austen Book Club.  But if you like Austen, I advise you to check this series out.  There are only two episodes up so far, so it won take you long to catch up!

12/22/12: I now see that this is a 2008 British series.  According to IMDB, it was a miniseries, and there were four episodes.  Or maybe six.  It is available through Amazon as a DVD or streaming video, if you prefer.  For myself, I am happy to watch it on Hulu.

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