April Reading

Last month was a pretty good one for reading.  I didn’t get a huge number of books read, but all if them were really interesting.

The Dust Bowl by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns was one of the best nonfiction books I have ever read.  It was especially meaningful to me since I live in New Mexico.  We are in such a terrible drought now, and I see such bad dust storms fairly often that I could really relate to what the survivors of the original Dust Bowl went through. I do not mean to imply that what we are experiencing now is as bad as it was then, but I can see that it cold develop into an equally serious situation.

Conformity and Conflict:Readings to Accompany MILLER CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY edited by James A Spradley and David W. McCurdy was a book I found sitting on my shelves at work.  I have been reading in it for quite a while now but really got serious about it toward the end of March.  The readings were quite interesting.  I have always been fascinated by anthropology, so this book was as much fun for me to read as any of the novels I finished.

Wired: a Jade Weekes Art Mystery by Judith Gaines was a complicated story.  Who was the good guy?  Who was bad?  Nobody was quite what he or she seemed to be.  And wile there was a lot of art involved, none of it was really stolen in the course of this story.  It was a good read, and I would look for more of Gaines’ work.

With the Lightnings by David Drake was not a book I ever really imagined myself reading.  But I did, and I am glad of it.   I downloaded it from Baen Ebook’s Free Library.   I have not read any of Drake’s other books, but I think I will now.  The story was good, and the characters were interesting.

Looking forward to reading more books in May!

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