“Places possess an emotional significance that contribute profoundly to our identity as individual human beings; we all must belong somewhere to be complete persons.”

I read that today in the book I picked up from the bookshelf in my classroom, The Human Mosaic by Bychkov, Domosh, Newmann, and Price.  (It was on page 1, if you are interested.)

And since I read it, I have been unable to get it out of my mind.

Where do I belong?  I was born in northern Illinois but have not been back there even for a visit in almost 20 years.  I have lived in many countries and in many states.  Where is it that I truly belong?  What place makes me a complete human being?

Would it be presumptuous to say that I am different, that I don’t need a physical place?  Probably.  And yet that is how I feel.  But maybe I am fooling myself.  Maybe I am missing something.  Or maybe I really do feel that I belong someplace.

I think that, for me, my husband has taken the place of a place.  I belong with him.  I think that is part of what has been so difficult about this last year and a half with only seeing each other every 3 or 4 weeks.  I feel incomplete.  Not in a “You complete me” kind of way, though.  It isn’t that corny.  But I think that, because we have lived so many places for so long, he is the only real constant in my life.  And I am OK with that.

But the quote also made me think about my kids.  I think a couple of them have suffered from that lack of place, that lack of belonging.  And I am only just now realizing it.  Too late, in many ways.  This is something I am going to have to ponder for a while.


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