Homemade Samurai Armor

My husband sent me a link to an article about a guy who made his own samurai armor.  Real armor.  Cool armor.  It seems a little extreme to me, but what the heck?  Why not?

Brian Ashcraft the author of the article, explains:

With the help of a metalworking craftsman friend, books, and the internet, Danny began work on a suit of samurai armor. The process was long and taxing: The small metal plates were hammered by hand and then strung together by over 700 feet of rope.

He also made weapons and a flag to complete his outfit.  It looks just like something out of a Kurosawa movie!

The guy does cosplay so he really wears the armor – all 80 pounds of it — on a somewhat regular basis.  That in itself takes dedication!

If you are even remotely interested in samurai or cosplay or armor, check the article out!


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