My Dilemma

I have a dilemma.  I want to quit my job. It is the moral thing to do, to my way of thinking.  But I am also afraid to quit my job.  It isn’t like I don’t need the money, like I am working to be able to take exotic vacations or buy all the latest toys my husband and I might like to have.  I work because I have to.  I like working, for the most part, but I wouldn’t work full time if it weren’t necessary.

So why am I thinking about quitting?  After a year and a half as a salaried employee, I will be hourly as of August 11th.  Might not sound like much, but to me is it just another slap in the face.  I am an educator.  I spend way more than 40 hours a week at work, and I am constantly working on ideas for classes once I am at home.  And as of August 11th, I will not be allowed to do either of those things.

So that should be good, right?  Well, how am I supposed to get everything done in less time?  Especially since I will have to stand at the time clock four times a day to punch in and out so that I get not one minute more than 40 hours in a week.  We are not allowed overtime, of course.  Not even a minute!

If I am not being treated like a professional, I am afraid I may start working like I am not one.  I don’t want to do just the minimum.  I want to take pride in my work.  But it is already difficult, and it is only going to get harder once this change takes place.

If it weren’t obvious that this is just a way for the corporation to save money, it might be easier.  But in addition to actually paying me less unless I hit exactly 40 hours every week, they are also saving on insurance and PTO costs because those don’t kick in immediately for hourly employees.  I will be safe in that regard, but new teachers won’t be.

So that is my dilemma.

I am busy applying for jobs.  If I get one before August 11, it will be easy.  If I don’t …


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