My decision

It wasn’t easy, but I finally made my decision and turned in my 2 weeks’ notice at work.  It was scary because I didn’t have a job lined up, but I felt so much better after I did it!

After making the decision and looking at the job postings in Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal, I emailed my resume to a charter school in Albuquerque.  Monday I got an email asking me if I could come for an interview on Wednesday.  I did, and I felt cautiously optimistic as I drove home.  Wednesday afternoon I followed up with an email of thanks and asked if they needed any additional documents or information.  The reply on Thursday asked for references, which I emailed Thursday evening.  Friday I was offered a job.  And I accepted it.

I will be working at a charter high school as a math aide.  It will actually be very similar to what I have been doing, and I find myself looking forward to it a lot.  I start on Monday, August 12.  The pay is not quite as much as I made in my current job, but the working conditions will be better, and the pay is for a school year, not a calendar year, so it will actually be better, too!

I’m excited!


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