September Reading

I only managed to finish four books this month:

  1. Winter Study by Nevada Barr  was a good read.  I like Barr’s heroine, Anna Pigeon.  She works in National Parks, often in parts of the country I am familiar with.  This story was not one of my favorites — perhaps because it took place in winter in Lake Superior — but it was definitely worth a read.
  2. Changer of Worlds by David Weber is actually a short fiction, not all of it by Weber.  But once I  really got it through my head that the stories took place in Honor Harrington’s world but did not all involve her, I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed getting to know more about the tree cat culture.
  3. Fate of the Kinunir by Robert E. Vardeman was a good read.  I wrote about it previously.  The characters in this book were what really attracted me to it.  The story was good, too, of course.
  4. Due Justice by Diane Capri was a good read, but I found it is bit implausible.  Or maybe I was just jealous.  The main character, Willa Carson, is a federal judge.  Her husband, a “retired” investment banker now owns and runs a fancy restaurant in the home he inherited on an island in Tampa Bay.  The story was good, though.  I had not read anything by Capri prior to this, but I probably will read more of her stuff.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, I almost read the six books I wanted to get read this month.  Actually, I read four and two halves.  I have been reading a book at work and another at home.  I’ve already finished one of those halves, so maybe October will be a better month for reading!


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