Farewell to a hero

Pete Seeger died yesterday.  He was 94 years old.  There is nothing I could say that Harry Chapin didn’t say many years ago in his song “Old Folkie”.

You know, it’s always the “Old Folkie”
They say he’s always bleedin’
But whenever somebody’s needing him,
He’s the one who cares.
It’s always the “Old Folkie”
Whenever somethin’s burning,
Or a lesson needs some learning,
Or a tide that needs some turning,
To a better world somewhere,
Yeah, the “Old Folkie’s” there.

Yeah, for forty years now he’s been pushin’ on.
Carrying the dream ’cause Woody’s long gone.
He’s the last voice singing that “Bound for Glory” song.
And if you never seen him you might take a look
He’s the man who put the meaning in the music book.
Yeah, the world may be tired but Pete’s still going strong.

Well, Pete’s gone now, too.  I can only hope that he and Woody and Harry are making sweet music together.

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