February Reading

February was obviously a very bad month for posting — the worst I have had in 8 years of blogging.  That was not because I was spending all my time reading, as this list will demonstrate.

I managed to read the following:


First and Last Things by HG Wells, which was very interesting but very difficult to read.  Part of that was due to the fact that he was writing about philosophy and religion, and I really had to pay attention.  I liked some of the things he said and disliked others.  But it made me think, and that is always good.


Persuader by Lee Child was probably the last Reacher novel I will ever read.  I know I have said before that I was not going to read any more of them, but someone gave me this book and I read it.  And I was disappointed.  I think this is a series that needs to come to an end.

Eve by Iris Johansen is the first of three books written to start finalize a long-running series.  I was a little disappointed, but that could be because I have missed some of the later books in the series.  It was obviously intended to begin to tie up loose ends, and this one does that.  Maybe I will like this one better if I read all three, but I am not sure I am going to do that.


Short Fiction

The Mardi Gras Mystery by Henry Bedford-Jones was an excellent story.  Set in New Orleans during Prohibition, the story kept me guessing until the end.  Bedford-Jones, whom I had never heard of before, was a successful writer of dime novels, and I an see why.  This one is worth a read.

“The Cosmic Express” by Jack Williamson was another excellent story that, while taking place in the future, is about us and the way we live our lives.  I really enjoyed it. 


I am hopeful that March will see me more active here on the blog and with my ereader. 


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