Reading Update

Here I am to update you on my reading. It has been picking up a lot — even though I haven’t written about it.  I may not have gone back quite far enough (This is October and November.) but you can find anything I may miss on my Books I’ve Read in 2014 page.

Only one non-fiction book since I last wrote: Spirituality 101: For Dropouts of the School of Life (Review for the Final Exam) by Ivan Figueroa Otero, MD.  It was interesting, although nothing especially new.  It was a free book I got from Amazon.  Since I have been feeling a little disconnected from spirituality lately, it was good to be reminded of what I already knew.

I was really able to read a lot of fiction over the last couple months.  The books, all of which I read as ebooks that I got for free, include:

  • Zombie Day Care by Craig Halloran

The title of this book was so ludicrous that I had to read it.  And sure enough, it was about a day care for zombie children.  It was a hoot!  And I can never look at Mountain Dew the same way again!

  • Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover

This was a somewhat dated but still excellent book.  Japanese businessmen are trying to help the US get its economic edge back — but there is an ulterior motive.

  • The Silversmith by Jeff Carson

This was a mystery set in Colorado.  I seem to be drawn to books set in my part of the world right now!  It was a good read.  I have the first book in the series but haven’t read it yet.  Have to do that!

  • Big Lake by Nick Russell

This was the first book I finished in November.  The first of seven!  It was a great book.  I was surprised right up to the very end.  Again, it is set in my part of the US — Arizona this time.  It was a fairly fast read because it was so full of twists and turns.

  • Murder at Volcano House by Chip Hughes

Another mystery — not set in my part of the country this time.  I enjoyed learning a little about Hawaii and its legends as I read a good story.  It was a quick read and definitely not taxing in any way, but I enjoyed it.

  • Elusive by Sara Rosett

This story was definitely more escapism than anything possible in my reality, and I really enjoyed it.  I liked the main character, Zoe, because she is nothing like me.

  • Cold Crossover by Tim Kelly

For some reason, I had a hard time getting really going in this book — maybe because the main character is a retired high school basketball coach who now is in real estate.  Once I got past that, it was a good book, but I have to admit I don’t remember the ending real well.

  • Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan

The main character here is a paranormal investigator — not my usual cup of tea.  The book was very good, though.  It was definitely a fun read.

  • Song of the Sword by K.L. Bauman

I have had this book forever, but for some reason I had never gotten around to reading it before.  I am glad I finally took the time to do it.  Fantasy is sometimes difficult for me to read, but this one really wasn’t.  It was complicated but not too complicated.  I really enjoyed it.

  • Innocent in Las Vegas by A.R.Winters

This was a really quick, easy read.  Tiffany Black works at a casino but finally has a shot at being a real detective. This one won’t tax your brain, but I can almost guarantee you will enjoy it if you are anything like me!

I have already read a couple books this month and will probably get several more read before the end of the year.  I’ll let you know!


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