PARCC protest

We are struggling with how to help prepare our students for the PARCC math tests.  We have started taking the practice tests and have been stunned by how language-heavy some of the math tests are, how difficult that will make them for English-language learners. We also know that many of our students do not have the necessary math skills to do well on the tests.

While we sit around school and complain about the new test our students have to take this year, a student at another area school has decided to take action.

There is a petition on asking Governor Susana Martinez to Cancel or make all PARCC testing optional for students.   KOB4 in Albuquerque reported on the petition, started by Derrek Sena, and I can only hope that the report will encourage people to sign.

When I did a search for PARCC on, I learned that this is far from the only petition of its kind.  I doubt that anyone in authority anywhere is going to listen, but these petitions are a way to demonstrate that there is a lack of support for this test.  I hope you will sign one!


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