Retired — or pretty tired, at least

Friday was my last day at work.  Retirement papers are filled out and ready to submit.  I have some tentative options for part time work in August, but I won’t know for sure until later this week.  I am holding off on sending in the paperwork until I know I can have some income in addition to my paltry state retirement.  (I am not complaining.  I am very fortunate to have this small retirement.  I would never have had anything if I had not come to New Mexico to work about 7 years ago.)  If I can’t arrange this part time work, I will have to look for something more full time.  And that doesn’t sound like fun.

This year has been a really difficult one for me and for almost everyone else at school.  I will miss the kids and the other teachers, but I really don’t think next year is going to be any better.  So it was time to leave.  I am tired and need a break.


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