We should have known!

When the dog rescue lady told us she had placed our new dog once before and then found him back at the animal shelter, we should have asked another question or two.  But by then, of course, he had been with us for about a week, and we figured he had just escaped and gotten taken to the shelter.  Now that we have had him for a while, we know it was probably a whole lot more complicated than that.

At first Egon would get out of the yard.  We managed to figure out how he was doing it and stopped that problem.  Then he started chewing everything in sight.  He has toys but refuses to chew them.  We keep things out of his reach and keep an eye on him when he is in the house.  But last night he came right in after his last trip outside, sat down on the new rug we had put down yesterday, and began chewing.  We saw it before too much damage was done, but we will have to figure out how to cover that spot.

He has presented other challenges as well, so we crate him at night.  He seems to like the crate.  And the only pillow he hasn’t chewed on is the one we have in his crate.

I think that we will be able to stop this behavior if we continue to work with him on it.  But I can see why someone else might have given up.  (And last night when he chewed the rug, I could REALLY understand that urge!)  He is a great dog, though, except for these few little issues.  He is worth the effort.


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