Update on my Kobo

I had written recently about the fact that my ereader had died and I was wondering if I needed one or not.  Last night, I was getting ready to throw it away when I decided one last time to see if I could get it to work.  It was broken already, so what harm could I do?  So I used a little more force to try to get the internal SD card out, and I was rewarded with it flying out and on to the table.  Then it was a matter of getting an image file to replace the corrupted one I had.  It took very little time once I got the file.

So now it is up and running fine.  And I find I am more angry with Kobo than I was before.  They basically had told me it was too old and couldn’t be fixed.  And yet I fixed it with the help of some folks over at mobilereads and a new SD card that cost me $5.

But now that I have done this, I am thinking about trying to put Debian on it.  My husband would be ecstatic if I did!  Guess we’ll have to see if I am brave enough to try that.

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