A good trip

My husband, son and I have been on the road for a week now, traveling from southwestern New Mexico to southern Illinois and back.  Actually, we aren’t back yet.  It was a 2 and a half day drive to be there almost 3 whole days, now to drive back for a little more than two and a half days.  It was worth it, though.  We got to see my mother and my daughter — the main people we went to see.  We also saw one of my brothers and both sisters-in-law.

My mother is 88 years old, almost 89.  There won’t be many more of these trips to see her.  Her health is good, but she is getting old.  Things don’t work the way they used to.  (Of course, that is something I can relate to, too!) My dad passed away last summer, so I am more aware of how quickly her situation could change than I used to be.

As I sit in a motel room in Bartlesville, OK writing this, I am tired but happy.  It has been a good trip!


One thought on “A good trip

  1. Yep. It’s Ken from Eastern. Been a real long time. Been since 72 since our last contact when you wrote me in Cullowhee to tell me you got married and had become a Bahia and was living in Decatur. Tried to find you, then saw your picture on the website. Recognized you right. You haven’t changed; can’t recognize most of my former classmates.

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