Sparky Linux

I know it is probably not of a lot of interest to most folks, but I have started using Sparky Linux, and I can’t help but write this post singing its praises!

I have been using Linux in various forms for years.  It has gotten increasingly easier to use, and I have really enjoyed playing with different distros.  I may be done shopping around, though, if this last three days using Sparky Linux is any indication.

First off, I have a Lenovo X220. It is a great little machine but not the newest or fanciest anymore.  I put a solid state drive in soon after I got it in December.  Using Linux Mint Debian, it would boot in about 13 seconds.  Now with Sparky, that is down to about 7 seconds.  And it doesn’t slow down from there.  It seems to be lighter and more responsive.

There has been no drama with this install.    I love it.  If you use Linux or are curious about it, check Sparky Linux out.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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