More praises for SparkyLinux

I know I wrote about Sparky Linux the other day, and it probably doesn’t seem like time for another post on the subject, but I cannot help myself!  I love SparkyLinux.

Yesterday I decided to try to put Sparky on my old 2009 Dell mini12.  When I got it, it came with Ubuntu.  Over the years I have tried a umber of different distros, and many of them have been OK, some have been fine, and others just didn’t work.  This machine is — Did I mention this before? — OLD.  It has a 40G hard drive and 1G of RAM.  It also has a Broadcom 4312 wireless chip that has frequently been difficult to get working in Linux.

So I ran the live version of Sparky, and everything was fine except the wireless.  I checked the forums, and sure enough, the drivers were there and I should be able to get it to work with very little trouble,  So I installed it with great confidence.

Sure enough, I had to do everything the forum said — which was really only type about 30 characters total — and the wireless worked.  But even though I had done what they told me to in order to make it work automatically, I had to start it manually after a reboot.

So this morning I joined the SparkyLinux forum and added my post to the thread about this particular problem.  I explained what I had, what I had done to get it to work, and what my remaining problem was.  Less than an hour and a half later, I had a reply that told me exactly what I needed to do.  It was another half our before I saw the reply.  I did that one last thing — again, typing less than 30 characters — and rebooted.  And wireless worked automatically.  I thanked the guy who solved my problem and logged out of the forum.  From start to finish, it took 2 hours and 8 minutes.

That is part of what I love about Linux — especially the small distros.  There are plenty of people who have had your problem before you, and you can usually find an answer already waiting for you.  And when you don’t find the answer, all you have to do is ask.   The people who run the forums really want to help you.

And, if you hadn’t picked up on it yet, I have this on on a more than 6 year old computer!  I can use it.  Granted, I can’t really watch movies on this machine, but I can do anything else I want to.  I love Sparky Linux!


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