A Reminder

I know I have written about these two great sites before, but I wanted to remind you in case you don’t know about them.

Humble Bundle is a site that offers collections of games and books for purchase at a price set by you.  Right now I am downloading my purchase of a Neil Gaiman bundle.  (By the time you read this, the link will probably take you to a different bundle — whatever is being offered then.) They are also advertising a Tom Clancy game bundle.  (Same disclaimer with this link.) These collections are available for a short time — usually a couple weeks, I think.  I have purchased a lot of books from them, and I have always been happy with the books.  They are DRM free, which I like.  You get to decide whether or not and how much of your purchase price goes to charity, too.  If you don’t know about this site, check it out!

Another favorite is Story Bundle.  Their current offerings are disaster stories and dragon stories.  Their bundles are always curated by interesting authors.  The disaster bundle is curated by Kevin J. Anderson, for example.  Again, you set the price and you can donate part of what you pay to charity.  I have bought more books from Story Bundle than anywhere else.  There is more variety in their offerings, I think.  And, from strictly a laziness standpoint, they offer the option of downloading all the books in a bundle in one zip file, as opposed to having to download them individually.  That is really nice.  Their offerings are also DRM free. So again, if you like ebooks and like the idea of supporting authors rather than publishers, check out Story Bundle.  You won’t be sorry!


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