It’s like she is writing about me!

Michelle at The Green Study nailed it.  Her post Being Fiction, Instead of Writing It described me all too well!

She starts out

Over the last few years, I’ve written blog post after blog post about making changes with a mind towards writing. I quit paid work. I quit volunteering. I set up my study, surrounded by books, many of them about writing. I am supported by the people in my life. I talk about writing. I read about writing. I write about writing. On occasion, I even write things that aren’t about writing.

Yeah, that’s me.  Well, I don’t have a study anymore, but I am still working part time, but like Marilyn, I have found that having the ideal set-up for writing does not necessarily lead to writing.

Later on she notes

It’s time to ante up or fold. I’ve run off in a thousand different directions and always, always, I come back to writing. And the only opposition to me seriously pursuing it, is me

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to writing.  My husband is supportive.  My children are grown, but they are supportive.  I have the time.  I have the ideas.  I need to either write or acknowledge that I am never going to do it.  And that seems like a real shame.  My son and I have a novel completed but in need of some revision and a second one started.  We have worked on it for a long time.  And it isn’t bad.  So why can’t we bring ourselves to really get it ready to go?

From time to time I get offers from Book Baby to download some free book about publishing, and I always do it.  As part of the process they ask when you expect your book to be ready to publish and I always say six months.  And I always think it is an achievable goal at that moment.  But then nothing seems to happen.  Or not much happens, at least.  I am embarrassed the next time I get an offer,  but again tell them I plan to publish in six months.  It is ridiculous.

So maybe this time I can actually focus on the book and get it finished.  I have used my son as an excuse long enough.  (If he would revise those fight scenes, I would get the rest of the book in shape in no time!)  I am doing it this time.

At least I hope so!

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