I am not usually “political”, but…

994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America’s gun crisis looks like

I think this says it all.  944 mass shooting in 1,004 days. How long will we let this go on?


2 thoughts on “I am not usually “political”, but…

  1. They are using the Mass Shooting in the title to grab attention.
    Check the “facts” they use.
    It includes ANY shooting of more than 1 person.
    They don’t care if it was a gang shooting at one another or what it was.

  2. No, actually if you read the info at the top of the article, they define a mass shooting as “four or more people shot in one incident”. And that is what is pictured in the graphic.

    That definition would seem to leave out a lot of the people who get shot on any particular day in the US, so if they had wanted to make it more horrific, I am sure they could have.

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