Another update

I just posted a comment on The Green Study giving an update on my writing since my new resolve to work on the novel, and I decided to give a little update here as well.  I have worked on editing it every day this week.  I am now more than halfway through this book.  And I have decided to go back and write some sort of outline or chapter summary for each chapter so I can be sure we aren’t sending people to the wrong villages or whatever.  I think this will be critical when I go back to work on the second book.  I am already 5 chapters into the second book, but I have’t worked on it for a long time.  My son hasn’t even read it yet — although we have talked about the direction it will take.

It feels so good to be back really working on writing again.  When I am writing regularly, it always feel so good that I wonder how I could ever stop writing. And yet, after a few weeks or months or sometimes years, I always seem to get bogged down and stop writing.  I hope I do better this time.


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