Today’s update

I certainly don’t want to post every day about my progress on the book, but I am pretty happy with what I got done today, and I wanted to share my progress with anyone who might be interested.

I started today with 22 of 33 chapters edited.  Today I got two more chapters done.  I hope to finish these edits by Thursday.  As I am editing, I am making notes as to areas that need more development.  I will start tackling those once I have made it all the way through the book this time.

I am also working on a table with an outline of the story.  I decided this was important because previously I know we had contradicted ourselves a few times.  And this time when I started editing, I found two different spellings for the name of one of the minor characters.  While I am fairly sure I must have found all of those problems that still exist, I want to be completely sure.  So I am creating a table with the characters, location, timeline, and main events in each chapter.  So far it all looks good, but I have only made it through 10 chapters.

By making this public, I think I am increasing the probability of continuing to work.  At least I hope so.   I am really happy to be back working on this, and I want to see it finished!


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