New Classes

This week has been registration for our next session of classes.  I only have a few returning students and a bunch of new ones.  I find myself being a little apprehensive about these new classes.  Will the You Are the Course Book method work with larger classes? I am pretty sure it will, but I have no proof of that yet.  And, of course, there is the inevitable “getting to know you” period to be gotten through.  But we will get through it and come out in December working together as a class, having learned a lot of English along the way.  I don’t really doubt that, but I always go into a new class with a few concerns.

Our program has a 2-day registration period followed by 8 weeks of classes.  Then another 2-day registration and 8 more weeks of class.  I really think I would prefer open enrollment to this.  Yes, open enrollment – allowing students to enter at any time in the semester – has its disadvantages.  But I would rather absorb a student or two at a time over the course of the semester than now having my continuing students be the outsiders in this new, larger group of students.  The dynamics of the class always change with new students, but now it feels like we are starting all over again.  There are no dynamics yet.

It’ll all be fine, and next week at this time I will probably wonder what I was worried about, but in the meantime, I am worrying.


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