I am excited!

And so were my students yesterday.  I had gotten a link to Jeopardy Rocks from Lesson Plans Digger, and I decided to try it out.  In both my classes this week we have been working on reading and on writing questions about the readings.  So Jeopardy seemed like a natural.  And it was!

I took the questions the students had written about the reading, added a few on my own, and set up the game.  (Unlike real Jeopardy, I had the students give the answers, not the questions, but it would have worked the “right” way, too.  I just knew that they had written and practiced the questions for two days and were probably tired of them.  I wanted to focus, instead, on the answers to the questions.)

We played in the morning class.  Only two students, both ladies about 40, showed up.  They are pretty serious.  But they spent the entire time we played laughing.  And answering questions.  I asked them if they thought it was fun, and they both said it was.

In the night class, attendance was also bad, but we didn’t let that stop us.  We had a great time.  It took much longer than it had in the morning because their reading had been longer and the questions I added were a little more difficult, but no one complained when the end of class arrived and we still had final jeopardy to go.  We played to the end of the game.  And they loved it.

My students are all adult immigrants, so they were not as competitive as a class of high school students probably would have been.  When someone couldn’t find the answer in the text or had trouble forming the answer correctly, they jumped in to help each other.  I gave them a hard time about it, but I was really happy that they cooperated so much.

I am thinking about trying another game – this one maybe about past tense verbs.  If it is successful, I am probably going to splurge and go pro.  It is only $48 a year.  You can print your game out, and you aren’t limited to three games.  I think I will talk to my boss and see if she is willing to pay for it, but if she isn’t, I will probably do it anyway.  If yesterday is any indication, it will be money well spent.


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