Conference report

It has been over a week since I went to the NMAEA/NMTESOL conference, and it was just yesterday that I finally started putting my notes into some kind of order.  So I guess now it is time to share a few thoughts about it here.

I was fortunate in that the conference organizers contacted LINCS, the professional development arm of the US Dept. of Education and got two excellent presenters to come and share their knowledge and expertise.  All the sessions I attended were put on by these two women, Kathy St. John and Susan Finn Miller.

Their presentations were all about reading, something that I wanted to know more about.  I took classes on teaching reading in grad school, but it was a long time ago now.  At the very least, I felt I needed a refresher.  As an ESL instructor, with the new emphasis on career readiness, I can’t afford not to help my student read better.

I don’t know that I learned anything spectacular at the conference, but I have already implemented some of the strategies they suggested for helping students read better.  I am trying things out now, but I plan to do it in a more systematic way when the next term starts in January.

I love conferences because they give me a chance to learn.  They also give me a chance to talk with colleagues about education.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time for either of those activities in a normal work day.



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