November Reading, Part 2

Now for the novels!  These are not in the order I read them because it made more sense to me to group the Morgan Rice books together.  If you want to see the order I read them in, check out the page where I have recorded that.

A Charge of Valor by Morgan Rice

A Vow of Glory by Morgan Rice

A Cry of Honor by Morgan Rice

A Rite of Swords by Morgan Rice

These are some of my favorite books.  I am really enjoying this series.  I usually try not to read more than one book a month in the same series because in the past I have noticed many inconsistencies in different series when they are read too close together.  Not so with these.  I read four last month and didn’t notice any problems.  I have other books by Rice but so far haven’t wanted to take a break from the Sorcerer’s Ring series long enough to try one of them.  There are 17 books in this series, so I have a ways to go before I move on to the others!  I really recommend these books if you are at all interested in fantasy — especially if, like me, you can get lost in the complicated worlds of some fantasy books.  These are really easy to read and have very good stories.

The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser

I enjoyed the story, but I had some trouble with the main character.  She wasn’t always easy to like.  I used to live near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where the story takes place, and I am a sucker for books that take place in places I know.  Overall, I would recommend this book, but I hope the author has worked on the main character in the later books in the series.

Deadly Proof by M. Louisa Locke

I have read a number of books by this author and really enjoy them.  This one was no exception.  They are easy books to read, and you learn a lot about San Francisco in the late 1800s.  The main character is a widow, about to remarry, who owns a small boarding house and has previously earned her living as a fortune teller because no one at the time would accept financial advice from a woman. The story is good, and I really like the historical aspect of it.

Love, Laughter and Murder Ever After by Jeanine Spooner

This is the first book in the Wedding Planner series.  It is a little predictable, but that’s why we read this kind of book, isn’t it?  The single woman is thrown into a situation where she has to work with a man she both dislikes and is attracted to.  Any book with a detective named Sterling Slaughter can’t be all bad, can it?  I enjoyed reading this book, and I will probably read more in the series.

Let Us Prey by Jamie Lee Scott

There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed and parts that I didn’t so much.  The main character was fun, as were her partners in the detective agency.  The case they were hired to work on was very convoluted but it was engaging.  There is a murder near the beginning that is a little gruesome for my taste.  The old flame was a it overdone.  But the story, as I said, was a good one.  I will read more in this series.

The Master of the World by Jules Verne

I have to admit that I had never even heard of this book before I stumbled across it and started reading it.  I have read a lot of Verne’s books and have always been impressed.  The story seemed a little disjointed.  But that could be because it is the story of a investigation.  The pieces didn’t all fall into place at once. I thought the lead detective missed some big clues, though.

What is true Verne, though, is the fact that he foresaw successful airplanes and cars that went 200 miles per hour.  The story is about technology that could easily be used for evil and the inventor’s attempts to keep it from the governments of the world.

So I read a lot last month.  I enjoyed everything I read.  (I am easy, I guess!)  I only have one more week of classes before the semester ends, so I will have time to do a lot of reading this month, too.  We’ll see how it goes.

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