Changes to my reading list

Well, I just remembered at least part of why I went from a genre reading list to a monthly one: some books are hard to pigeonhole!

I am currently reading Bellwether by Connie Willis. I love Willis’s writing, but I have picked this book up and set it down (figuratively, of course — it is on my ereader) a number of times. It had nothing to do with my interest or lack of interest in the book. It was because I couldn’t figure out how I would classify it once I finished it! I know — that’s a silly reason not to read a book, but it is honestly why I was putting off finishing this one.

So, I decided that I would combine science fiction and fantasy into speculative fiction. It is a better name for it anyway, I think. And I am totally comfortable with putting Bellwether in that category when I finish it — probably tomorrow!

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