More February reading

Back again to continue with my February reading.

Mysteries and Thrillers

  • Playing with Matches by Julie Hyzy was an OK read. Actually, I kind of liked it, but the basic premise bothered me a little.  The main character, Riley, does background checks for a dating service.  I guess I am just too old to see that as something real.  Aside from that, though, it was a good story.
  • Murder in Aix by Susan Kiernan-Lewis was a good story. I like Maggie and her French husband. I started late in the series, so I know I need to go back and get some of the story from early on.  I plan to do that, too. Having lived for many years in other countries, I can relate to Maggie’s struggles as an expat. By this point in the series, the worst of the struggles seem to be over, but she still has moments.  And that is real; it isn’t necessarily a smooth process. The mystery was very good, by the way!
  • A Trifle Dead by Livia Day was a fun read.  A very fun read! Tabitha Darling has inherited the police department as customers at her cafe due to family ties to the police force. They don’t really fit in with her vision of the cafe. And they are all very protective of her, to boot. They complicate her life in many ways! The mystery is a good one. Tabitha is an interesting character. I question some of her decisions, but maybe she’ll see the light before it’s too late.
  • To the Bone by Jeff Carson is another example of my inability to read series in order. (This is book 7 of the series.) Fortunately, the books stand alone extremely well, so I don’t feel like I was missing anything. Most of the characters involved in this story except for David Wolf and some of his fellow cops were individuals with less than sterling characters. Wolf is one of those believable characters who is good but not perfect, in charge and yet recognizing that there are some things he can’t control. I like this series a lot.
  • Murder in Nice by Susan Kiernan-Lewis is actually the next book in the series after Murder in Aix. I had more trouble with this book because Maggie did a lot of really stupid things. There was a lot of family drama that I wasn’t comfortable with but it probably wouldn’t bother anyone else. The story was very good. I would have bought the book just for the cover, but the story didn’t disappoint me at all.
  • The Geneva Decision by Seeley James was an excellent story. The characters seemed very real. I have no real knowledge of the world of high level security companies, but nothing here seemed to contradict what I would expect from what little I do know. Pia Sabel is a interesting person, a soccer star turned security company boss. While that might seem like a unlikely transition, it worked for me. Pia is obviously new to the position, and she is treated as such by those who now work for her. She makes some rookie mistakes but also makes some good decisions. Watching her try to figure out how to do her job was almost as interesting as the main story. I have purchased the second book in this series and will be reading it soon.
  • Crooked Man by Tony Dunbar was a great read. It was set in New Orleans, so that got my attention right away. Tubby, the main character, is a wonderful character. He isn’t a perfect man by any means, but he is a good one. The mystery kept me guessing long after I knew who had done what because there was still so much to get sorted out after that. This was the first book in what is now a series of 8. I am going to come back and spend some time with Tubby again.

Well, that is it for the mysteries and thrillers. I’ll be back to talk about the science fiction and fantasy books I read.


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