I’m still around… somewhere!

My posting this month has been even worse than usual.  I am not sure why.  I feel really stressed by my classes that started in March.  I know that is at least part of it.  Just when I think I get one class on the right track, the other one is totally not where I think it should be to do what I have planned.  I get that one straightened out, and then the first one gives me problems again.  This is week 4 of an 8-week course, so this roller coaster won’t continue too much longer.  I don’t really see it ever getting easy, though.  The students are at too many different levels.  What is appropriate for my non-reading students doesn’t work well for my students who read but are afraid to speak.  It’s a challenge balancing everything out.  And most of the time I feel pretty good about what we are doing. But it takes a lot of thought and planning.

I also teach an online class that just started last week. I had to finish getting it ready and then deal with all the inevitable first week questions and uncertainties. I have been teaching this class for a long time, and it isn’t terribly time-consuming, but it is just one more thing to think about.  For some reason right now, anything that requires thought seems to keep me occupied far more than it should.

And my husband has been out of town for most of the last 6 weeks, working on a house we own but hope to sell some day.  That means he isn’t here to do all the tasks he usually does.  He is great about making my life super easy on the days I teach — when he is here.  I have really noticed his absence!  I think, too, that not having him here to counterbalance my work stress has been a big part of it. He isn’t here to remind me that I don’t need to worry about things as much as I have been.

There have been a lot of other extra activities this month, too.  Nothing bad, but just adding to my feeling of being over-extended.  I just can’t seem to focus on any subject long enough to feel like I have anything to say that is worth posting.

It all sounds pretty lame when I read it here.  Guess I need to stop making excuses and get back to writing!


3 thoughts on “I’m still around… somewhere!

  1. I don’t think so! I would rather read something from someone who was keyed up about what they were writing. I see a lot of people thinking “they should just write something” and I wouldn’t have time to read all of the wonderful people to whom I am subscribed, if they did. Maybe this is a flaw with my own blog that I only write when I have something vibrant in mind. I go two months without and even run reading challenges. However I always think that if notifications of activity kept popping up, that it would bug my subscribers; the same as my concentration wanes if the same blog keeps notifying me of less vibrant activity (like posting book review after book review). Just what you did today, sharing how you are doing at home? I love it! Yours in central Canada, Carolyn.

    1. Well, sure! Write when you’re moved to say something. I’m not in agreement that we need to force something out at certain intervals.

      To focus on what you shared, itself: I’m sorry your husband was away a while. As much as I enjoy solitude, live rurally, and have loving cats; we wouldn’t want to be without our mate too long. I hope your on-line class is a great diversion.

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