My new Kobo Glo HD

I have had a Kobo Touch since 2012.  I love it.  But I have had a lot of problems with it in the last couple years.  I managed to find ways to work around the freezing and have been happily using it this whole time.  But as the ereader worked more reliably lately, it became harder for me to deal with the times it didn’t work well.  (I know that indicates a character flaw, but I can’t help it. ) So I decided to buy myself a Glo HD.  And, after two days, I can say that I am really happy that I did.

I read a lot of Kindle books on my tablet, but I wasn’t interested in buying a Kindle. (OK, I was, but I couldn’t justify buying two ereaders!!)  I like the more open approach of Kobo, and all the books I have paid more than $0.99 for are on Kobo.  I know it isn’t the most popular ereader out there, but I am really happy with it.

The Glo HD is smaller than the Touch was, but it isn’t so small that it is hard to hold and read on. The touch screen is much more responsive than the one on the Touch ever was. And, of course, it is backlit, so reading is easier.

I had a little trouble actually purchasing the Glo HD (My order kept getting cancelled.), but it was worth the frustration with that process.

I know I will probably not convince anyone out there to try Kobo, but I have to at least try. There is something nice about reading on an ereader, and there is something really nice about reading on a Kobo.


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