June Reading, part 2

OK, on to the speculative fiction:

  • Warrior Mage by Lindsay Buroker is the first book in this series. I have enjoyed every single book by Buroker that I have read, and this was no exception.  The characters are interesting right from the beginning, and the action keeps you reading. I highly recommend this book — and everything else by Lindsay Buroker!
  • A Dream of Mortals by Morgan Rice is the 15th book in the series.  If you have been following my reading, you know I am reading this series in order but not one right after the other. This was another great story. Please do yourself a favor and read the series.
  • Death Never Sleeps by E.J. Simon is one of the books that I started reading in my Kindle app and then lost for some reason. When I got my Kindle, I started trying to finish the books that I had abandoned, and this is one of the first. It was a pretty good story, although the main character is not someone I am sure I really like. But the concept was interesting, and that kept me going. If you are into technology and thrillers, you would probably like this one.
  • The Medium y C.J. Archer was a fun story. Emily is a medium, and she falls in love with a ghost. As you can imagine, it is complicated! But the romance is only part of the story; the couple has to try to wrangle a shape-shifting demon back into the spirit world. And that is no easy task. The story was good and it was told well.  If the premise sounds even remotely interesting, give it a try; it’s free for the Kindle.
  • A Joust of Knights by Morgan Rice is number 16. I have to admit I don’t like these last books as much as I did the earlier ones, but that is probably because I don’t think the story is going to end the way I want it to. I am also seeing more typos and such. But the story is a good one. I am reading the last book in the series right now; I’m not sure what I am going to do when it is over. I have been reading and enjoying these books for a long time now!

I am convinced that purchasing the Kindle, after purchasing the Kobo in May, is the reason I am reading so much. My old Kobo was frustrating and didn’t work well any more. So I tended not to read much on it. Getting the new Kobo really helped get me reading more again. Then getting the Kindle meant I didn’t have to use the app on my tablet, not a hard thing to do, but it was too easy to get distracted. Plus I have rediscovered a number of books that I wanted to read but “lost” as the app kept adding new books until I couldn’t find the old ones anymore.  (I know, I didn’t have to buy them all, but since the vast majority were free, I couldn’t resist!)

If I am correct, then July should see a lot of titles read, too. Let’s see how it goes.

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