July reading, part 4

One thing about reading so much: it leads to lots of posts!

Speculative fiction:

  • The Gift of Battle by Morgan Rice taught me a lot. First of all, it taught me that 17 books in a series is too many. Rice was obviously tired of these characters by the time she got to this book. She even says that she will tell the story of one of these characters, a baby, later on – definitely a ways in the future. The editing was sloppier, too. The book was much longer than any of the others, chapter lengths were more erratic, and it just seemed like she was trying too hard to finish the series so she could be done with it.  In all honesty, I wish I had stopped reading after about book 12 – definitely before book 16. But I finished the series and on some levels, I am glad that I did. If I were reviewing the series here rather than just the final book, the review would be glowing. Reviewing the final book, I have to say I am disappointed.
  • Talon by Michael J. Ploof was a very good story. The characters are well-drawn and the story is filled with action.  It is part of a series that precedes another series, Whill of Agora, but it definitely stands alone quite well. That being said, I just downloaded the first Whill book and plan to read it soon!
  • Rise of the Dragons by Morgan Rice is the frist in another series by Morgan Rice. The story seemed a little familiar to me at times, being similar to the series I just finished, but it seemed better, more developed, better edited. I don’t know that I will read the rest of the series unless I get it for free somewhere, but reding this one reminded me that Rice is a good writer and a goos storyteller.  I had lost that idea with the end of the other series.
  • Snake Heart by Lindsay Buroker is the second in the Chains of Honor series. I like the characters and I am enjoying the story. Buroker, as I have mentioned before is probably my favorite author. This book is a good demonstration of why. Hers are books that I am not afraid to buy; I know that I will enjoy them!
  • The King’s Assassin by M. M. Brownlow was another good book. The idea of an assassin from one nation assigned to protect the ruler of another was an interesting idea that led to even more interesting events. There are two more books in this series, it seems, and I hope to read them all.
  • The Last Necromancer by C.J. Archer was an excellent story. I had read The Medium by Archer, and I liked it enough to search out others by her. I am glad I did. There is an element of romance in her books, but it isn’t so much that I cannot justify reading it. (I am not a big romance fan, but who doesn’t like a little romance from time to time?) Archer has written many series, including some that are more romance, so I probably won’t even try all of them.  These two series, Emily Chambers Spirit Medium and The Ministry of Curiosities, are interesting enough that I will try to continue reading them.
  • Dragons Lost by Daniel Arenson was the first in the trilogy Requiem for Dragons.  I read all three books in the space of about 5 days. I had read Requiem’s Song previously but that neither helped or hurt the reading of these three books. While they take place in the same world, the two series take place at vastly different times. There are actually several Requiem series in between these two. I hope to read all of them!
  • Dragons Reborn by Daniel Arenson is the second in the trilogy. I cannot recommend these books enough!

So now we are a week into August. I’ve read 3 books and a novella. Not bad! Let’s see if I can sustain the pace!


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