Some thoughts on my reading

In September I started but did not finish several books. I don’t know if it was the books or of it was me. I may pick some of them up and try to finish them this month, but I am just as likely not to.

I mostly read free ebooks, and at first I “bought” all of them that I could find in any genre that I read and even some that I don’t usually read.  Now I have thousands of book in my libraries. And because of that, I think, I am becoming much more discriminating in what I read.

I used to finish any book that I started. No matter what. And I read some pretty bad books. But I had invested money — even if it was a small amount of money — so I had to finish it. So I did.

When I got my first Kobo about 5 years ago, I started reading lots of free books. And I read them all — good or not so good. I think that was a leftover from the days of buying used books. But gradually that has changed. Now I don’t finish a book unless I want to know how the story ends.

I recognize that another part of this change is due to the size of my libraries. With so many books, I can afford to “put one aside” and “pick up” another. What doesn’t appeal to me today may well catch my fancy next week or next month or next year. And I can afford to hang on to those books forever because they aren’t taking up valuable space on my too-small bookshelf.

I do, of course, read more than just free ebooks. But I have tested the author and the series before I invest money. (That is the genius of offering the first book for free — if it’s good, people will buy the next one.)

Ebooks have changed the way I read, and that change has been a very positive one.




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