December reading, part 2

I read five mysteries last month:


  • White Gold by Rachel Amphlett is filled with intrigue and deception. It starts with a bang and keeps up the pace until the very end. Parts of it were a little more technical than I would have liked, but it wasn’t bad. Dan Taylor is hiding out from the world and gets called in to help his friend’s ex-wife solve his murder. In the process he gets his life back on track. It is a good, fast-paced story and well told. I think I will read more in this series.
  • Dirty Little Secrets by Liliana Hart kept me interested until the very end. JJ, a former emergency room physician, runs a mortuary and serves as county coroner. Interesting, right? The murder happens in her small town where everyone knows everyone, and solving it is not an easy task. As you would expect, there is romance involved here, but even the romance keeps you guessing. I’ll read more in this series!
  • The Eleventh Hour by Anina Collins almost didn’t get read. The lead, Poppy McGuire, is a little too curious, a little too clueless. At least that’s how she starts out. Looking for help in solving a murder, she goes to the house of a man she has met once and had a negative experience with. He doesn’t answer the door, so she goes around back. And then she is shocked and angry when he points a gun at her! It gets better, Poppy gets better, but she is almost too silly for me. That being said, I read the whole book and enjoyed it. I just had to let Poppy be Poppy and not worry too much about it. I plan to read more in this series.
  • Exit Stage Left by Adam Croft has kind of a Sherlock Holmes vibe to it. Kempston Hardwick watches as a performer drops dead and, for some reason, decides to investigate. (That took me a while to accept.) He gets another bystander, Ellis Flint, to assist him in the investigation. Of course, the pair solve the mystery — after first convincing the police that is it indeed a murder. This is a novella and the first book with this main character. I enjoyed it in large part because the duo seemed so familiar to me. But really, this is more than a knock-off. The story was a good one.
  • Bought the Farm by Jeff Shelby was a fun story about a mature woman who decided to start living the life she wants to live, much to her adult daughter’s dismay. (No, this really has no relationship to my life except for the “mature woman” part.)  Of course, there are some bumps along the way — like a pile of bones and a burned building at her new farm. The mystery was fun and the ending was not exactly what I expected. It is, as some Amazon reviewers said, a little formulaic, but there were enough unique details here to make it interesting. If you like cozy mysteries, you’ll like this one.

OK. Back tomorrow with the rest of last month’s reading, I hope!



One thought on “December reading, part 2

  1. Hi Nancy. Thank you for your kind words about Exit Stage Left. I’m really glad you enjoyed the book.

    You’re right — there are some open and unanswered questions about Hardwick. He’s often more of a mystery than the murders themselves, and that’s something I explore in much greater depth throughout the rest of the series. He certainly has his reasons, and I can’t wait to share them with you and the rest of the readers.

    I’d very much like to send you the other books in the series to say thank you for your kind words on Exit Stage left, and so you can see what you think of the rest of the series, too. If you drop me a line I’ll get that sorted for you right away.

    All the best,


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