2016 Reading

I read a lot in 2016! For one thing, I was only working part time for the first half of the year and not at all for the last half. I had a lot more hours to fill each day, and reading was how I did it.

I read 20 non-fiction books. 9 of them were about writing. Not working full-time gave me more time to devote to my writing, so it was natural that I would be drawn to books about writing. I learned a lot from all of them, and I tried to put that new knowledge to work. (I am happy to say that the first novel is in final edits and the second one is about 2/5 of the way through the first draft. Actually it is draft 1.5 as it has gone through major revision since I started it about 5 years ago!)

I read 56 mystery/thrillers, 57 if I count Under the Surface as a mystery. Traditionally, that is the genre I always read, and I really love it. Most of the mysteries I read anymore are cozy mysteries because I don’t like the violence found in thrillers and many “regular” mysteries. I really enjoyed the books I read by Patrice Greenwood, Roger Stelljes and Julie Smith. But as I write that, I think, What about the books by Susan Kiernan-Lewis, Randall Reneau and … The list could go on and on. There were very few mysteries that I didn’t enjoy, although there were obviously some I liked better than others.

There are 61 titles in my speculative fiction list for last year. My favorite authors here are Lindsay Buroker and Daniel Arenson. I seem to have read much more fantasy than science fiction lately. That kind of goes in spurts, fueled in no small part by the books I can pick up for free.

I read 20 historical fiction titles. Most seem to be set in medieval times. Again, this is largely a result of which books are offered for free. The one exception to that are the Paul Bannister Forgotten Emperor books. I have actually purchased most of the ones I have because I got hooked on the idea of King Arthur as a “real” emperor and not a myth.

And in audiobooks, I have a list of 21 titles. Hands down, the Demon Wars Saga books by RA Salvatore and produced by Graphic Audio were my favorites. I absolutely loved them!

As I have said earlier, most of the books I read were ebooks I got for free. I obviously don’t “buy” all the titles available for free, but I have thousands of books that I have gotten that way, some on my Kobo ereader and others on my Kindle. But I have also bought books by the authors I have come to enjoy through reading their free offerings.

If my fast mental math is right, I read 158 fiction and non-fiction books and listened to 21 additional titles. 2016 was a great year for me as far as reading goes. I have a feeling 2017 will be just as good!


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