I couldn’t be happier!

I wrote about how my Kobo had died, so I wanted to give you an update and give credit where credit is due.

In spite of my misgivings, I decided to contact customer service. I hated to do it because of all the really, really bad experiences I have had with them since I got my first Kobo in August, 2011. But I did it because… Why not?

I completed the online contact info and was told to call. So I called.  I was told that the wait was more than 50 minutes and that I could hold or leave a call back number if I preferred. So I did. That was yesterday early afternoon, and 24 hours later, I had heard nothing. (I guess I should be grateful I hadn’t decided to hold all that time! I would have been really tired!) So I called again.  And again I was told it would be more than 50 minutes or I could leave a call back. So I did. Again!

And then I checked the email I had gotten from them after I had initially contacted them online. It gave me a chat option. So I clicked. And waited several minutes to get someone to chat with. But finally I did.

At first I thought I was going to be really irritated because he wasn’t listening to me. But I went through all the steps he asked me to — even though I had done all of them several times prior to contacting Kobo in the first place. We ended the chat because I had to charge my ereader for an hour and then try all the steps we had gone through again.  I charged and tried, and I still had no luck.  So I started another chat.

This second chat went much better. We tried a couple m things that resulted in absolutely no change in the status of my ereader.  And then he said I qualified for a replacement. So I said, COOL!

Actually, they are more than replacing my ereader. They are being very generous.  And once again, I am glad I have a Kobo.  Or I will be as soon as the new one arrives!

So what did I learn from this?

  1. To try to solve issues rather than just giving up
  2. To try to contact them (and maybe all customer service people) by chat rather than phone because it is less frustrating
  3. That typing gave me time to temper my usual somewhat harsh responses when dealing with customer service people who are just doing their job and have no way of knowing I am a competent adult who has already tried every possible solution she could find online

So when I get my new Kobo, I will tell you all about it!




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