June reading, part 3

OK… Let’s see if I can finish this today!

I read two historical novels:

  • A Covent Garden Mystery by Ashley Gardner is the 6th book in the Captain Lacey series. And I loved it every bit as much as I have loved all the others I have read. In this one, we learn a lot more about the good captain and meet his daughter and wife. The mystery involves the daughter, and it is a good story. Then there is the issue of his wife and how their marital issues can be solved. Needless to say, everything ends well. This is a wonderful series of mysteries set in London in the early 1800s. Lacey is a wonderful character, and this book allows us to see another side of him. I highly recommend it.
  • Bladesong: 1151 in the Holy Land  by Jean Gill is the second book in the Troubadours series. I read the first one so long ago that I had to take a moment at the beginning of this book to try to remember it.  This can be read on its own, but I think it would be better to read them in order. Most of this book takes place in the Holy Land after the Second Crusade. The war is over for the moment, but the intrigue is still going strong. Dragonetz is on a mission to Jerusalem that will allow him to redeem his debts. Estela is serving as troubadour and teacher to a young woman on the eve of her marriage. When she is encouraged to travel to Jerusalem to meet Dragonetz and sing for the Queen of Jerusalem, Estela jumps at the chance. Of course, things aren’t quite what they seem. Alls well that ends well, though, and there is a third book in the series. I am planning to read it soon!

I read two books that I classified as “other fiction”:

  • Going Home by Win and Meredith Blevins is the story of a writer whose wife died, leaving him with not much to look forward to except his own death. He and his son aren’t on the best of terms, and he can’t seem to make himself write. Then one day, the spirit of Mark Twain arrives at his door, and things take a decided turn for the better. But it can’t really be Mark Twain, can it? What is possible in this world? Lewis, the main character, finally decides to stop trying to figure it all out and just goes with it as the pair travel down the Mississippi on a paddle boat. And at the end, he is glad he did. This is a good book. It might be a little preachy if it weren’t Mark Twain handing out the advice, but it is, so it doesn’t feel heavy-handed. I have purchased a number of books by these authors, and this is the first one I have read. I plan to read more.
  • Long Time Coming by Edie Claire is a romance novel with a mystery and a ghost making sure that the truth comes out. No one can convince Joy that her friend’s death 18 years ago was really an accident. If Jenny died in an accident, it had to be her boyfriend, Jeff’s fault. Joy left town soon after the accident, convinced of that fact. But now she is home again and has to face facts.  Since I said it was a romance, you can probably guess how it ends, but Joy discovering the story of what really happened that night and coming to terms with it all is worth reading the book for. I recommend this book if you like sweet, hopeful romances.

And finally, I read three shorter works:

  • Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson was a really good detective story. In order to solve crimes, a snapshot is taken of the day in question, and two detectives are sent in to look for clues that can help real-world detectives solve the case. They aren’t supposed to change anything, just look for clues. And it isn’t easy. The story is excellent! At the end I have to admit I was surprised. Please pick this up and read it!
  • Fallback – A Sam Prichard Mystery by David Archer lets us see how Sam Prichard became the man we meet in The Grave Man. While there were a couple inconsistencies with what appears in the later books, I really enjoyed it. We meet Sam as he is finishing high school and watch him grow up. It is worth reading, for sure!
  • Smuggler Ship by Lindsay Buroker is the prequel to her Sky Full of Stars series that I got as subscriber to her newsletter. The first book in that series is The Rogue Prince. The main character is the daughter of Alisa Marchenko of the Fallen Empire series. I really enjoyed this prequel and will be reading more in the series.

So that’s it for June. Let’s see how July goes!



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