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Death in the Park

Last night I finished Death in the Park by London Lovett.  It was an odd book, I thought.  I enjoyed it, but I can’t say I thought it was great.

Sunni Taylor has left the city to be near her sisters in a small town, where she wants to open a bed and breakfast.  I will admit to being somewhat bored by all the family. That may be why it took me almost to the end of the book to keep track of the sisters and the friend.  There was a lot of “story” before we got Sunni to her first day on the job as a reporter for the weekly newspaper. Once she actually got to work, things picked up a bit, but even then it didn’t grab me.  The characters weren’t really fleshed out enough for me to really care about them.

That being said, it wasn’t a bad book.  Just not a really good one.


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