And for a change of pace…

My husband just asked me what I had been reading, and I told him it was a book about demon hunters. He laughed.  It definitely isn’t his kind of book.  And it isn’t my usual fare, either, but sometimes I just need something different.  A paranormal romance about filming a TV show about demon hunters qualifies as different in my book!

Unquiet Souls is the first book in Christine Pope’s Project Demon Hunters series.  I have read other books by Pope in at least 2 other series, and I have enjoyed all of them.  They are fairly quick, easy reads — ideal for a pandemic!

Audrey is a psychologist who is interested in psychics.  She has a quiet life, seeing a few patients and just getting by.  She is approached by an expert on demons, Michael Covenant, about being his co-host/partner in a reality show where they would go in search of demons and clear the places where they have been causing problems for humans. She rejects the idea but is finally convinced to agree when she learns how much money she would make for 6 episodes.

This book deals with the filming of the first episode and all the havoc that accompanied it.  (It isn’t as easy filming a show about demons as you might think!)  The story was good.  The romance is as complicated as it could possibly be and only gets more complicated as the book moves toward the end.

Like I said, this was an easy read and a good way to get your ind off of anything real.  You might want to give it a try.

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