Another good book by an old favorite

I finished The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker a couple days ago. There is absolutely nothing of hers that I have read and not loved. This one started a little slower than I was expecting, but it ended up being another very good book.

Jelena is on her first run as captain of her family’s new freighter. Her engineer is her friend and former childhood playmate, Erick. Before she completes the scheduled delivery, she rescues a bunch of animals being abused for research. She also manages to rescue (or kidnap, depending on your point of view) a woman who works for the research company. Of course, these “thefts” anger the company, so they have fight on their hands. They end up finding a new hoe for the animals and the woman finally decided they aren’t all bad. They pick up another old friend along the way and end up seeing her parents, who have learned all about the trouble she got herself – and potentially their company – into. It all ends well, of course – to be continued in the next book in the series.

I like Buroker’s books a lot. I stopped reading as many when they started debuting on Amazon, with other releases coming later. I understand her need to maximize her income, but it did affect my reading. But I am glad I read this one. And now that I have, I will try to go back to reading more of her work.

I hope you will give her a try.

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