A Mexican Getaway

I just finished Diablo Nights by Carmen Amato. Set in Acapulco, it was a great break from being cooped up in my house!

Emilia Cruz is a police detective. She and her partner, Silvio, are given a rookie to train. Well, he isn’t actually even a rookie. He is a recent college grad who majored in music but is, inexplicably, named a police detective because that’s what he wants to be. In addition to trying to train him, Emilia and Silvio have a murder to solve that ends up being connected to a religious relic and their new trainee. It is pretty complicated but amazingly simple once you get to the end of the book.

Cruz is an interesting character. Like most female cops, she is partnered with a man few others want to work with. She is trying to balance work, home, and a personal life – with differing results. She is a character you care about — and for me that makes a book great. Why not give this one — or others in this series — a try?

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