Books I read in 2013

This year, I think, I am not going to set myself any particular goals.  I just want to read and enjoy what I am reading.  Let’s see how that goes!

  1. The Wisdom of Father Brown by GK Chesterton (finished 1/3/13)
  2. Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers (finished 1/14/13)
  3. An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne (finished 1/26/13)
  4. The Hour Before Dark by Douglas Clegg (finished 2/1/13)
  5. Basil by Wilkie Collins (finished 2/8/13)
  6. Bypass Gemini by Joseph Lallo (finished 2/22/13)
  7. The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsey Buroker (finished 2/28/13)
  8. Diary of a Small Fish by Pete Morin (finished 3/9/13)
  9. The Innocence of Father Brown by GK Chesterton (finished 3/16/13)
  10. Blood Red Turns Dollar Green by Paul O’Brien (finished 3/20/13)
  11. The Black Cat by Martha Grimes (finished 3/28/13)
  12. The Dust Bowl by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns (finished 4/8/13)
  13. Conformity and Conflict:Readings to Accompany MILLER CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY edited by James A Spradley and David W. McCurdy (finished April 12, 2013)
  14. Wired: a Jade Weekes Art Mystery by Judith Gaines (finished 4/15/13)
  15. With the Lightnings by David Drake (finished 4/27/13)
  16. The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux (finished 5/2/13)
  17. Berserker Throne by Fred Saberhagen (finished 5/4/13)
  18. The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones (finished 5/6/13)
  19. How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster (finished 5/20/13)
  20. Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George (finished 5/22/13)
  21. Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers (finished 5/29/13)
  22. 48 Hours: A City of London Thriller by J. Jackson Bentley (finished 6/2/13)
  23. Along Came a Demon by Linda Welch (finished 6/3/12)
  24. The Blue Last by Martha Grimes (finished 6/10/13)
  25. The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie (finished 6/15/13)
  26. On Basilisk Station by David Weber (finished 6/27/13)
  27. Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia (finished 7/2/13)
  28. Saints Preserve Us by L.K. Ellwood (finished 7/3/13)
  29. First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones (finished 7/7/13)
  30. The Marinara Murders by Erik Hanberg (finished 7/10/13)
  31. Bedlam Boyz by Ellen Guon (finished 7/14/13)
  32. When the Legends Die by Hal Borland (finished 7/18/13)

  33. The Watchers by Lynnie Purcell (finished 7/25/13)
  34. The Armageddon Rag by George R.R. Martin (finished 7/29/13)
  35. The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching (finished 8/4/13)
  36. Writing Naturally: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Nature Writing by David Peterson (finished 8/6/13)
  37. Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow (finished 8/12/13)
  38. Legacy of the Eldric by David Burrows (finished 8/25/13)
  39. The Devil’s Angel by Samantha Anderson (finished 8/31/13)
  40. Winter Study by Nevada Barr (finished 9/7/13)
  41. Changer of Worlds by David Weber (finished 9/15/13)
  42. Fate of the Kinunir by Robert E. Vardeman (finished 9/24/13)
  43. Due Justice by Diane Capri (finished 9/28/13)
  44. In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner by Elizabeth George (finished 10/1/13)
  45. Everyone Dies by Michael McGarrity (finished 10/6/13)
  46. Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen (finished 10/8/13)
  47. Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton (finished 10/11/13)
  48. The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Caroline Alexander (finished 10/12/13)
  49. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (finished 10/22/13)
  50. Roads Not Taken edited by Gardner Dozois and Stanley Schmidt (finished 10/26/13)
  51. My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor (finished 11/3/13)
  52. Dust by Martha Grimes (finished 11/16/13)
  53. The Coldest War by Ian Tregillis (finished 11/18/13)
  54. Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris (finished 11/24/13)
  55. Dark Currents by Lindsay Buroker (finished 11/29/13)
  56. Daughter of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland (finished 12/6/13)
  57. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (finished 12/13/13)
  58. Homeland by Cory Doctorow (finished 12/22/13)
  59. “Live from Cape Canaveral” by Jay Barbree (finished 12/27/13)
  60. The King’s Speech by Mark Logue and Peter Conradi (finshed 12/30/13)

2 thoughts on “Books I read in 2013

  1. whew! you’re quite fast! hehehe. im also starting to take note of the books i’ve read so i can share it to others too. but unlike you, im more into contemporary, mystery and crime, and chick flix šŸ™‚

    1. I like to read all kinds of books, really. It’s surprising to me, though, to see how few mysteries I have read lately. That used to be about all I read! Thanks for the reminder!

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